Love Hearing Services is a state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment center for patients of all ages who
    may be experiencing hearing and/or balance difficulties.

    Our Audiology Division consists of licensed Audiologists and Hearing Health Technicians who provide
    clinical services. We aim to provide top-quality hearing healthcare by assessing and understanding
    your condition to better improve your quality of life.

    We offer outstanding service and provide the latest styles in hearing devices to best suit your needs. With
    years of experience, we offer the following services:

  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid cleaning, service and repairs
  • Hearing aid recommendations and fittings
  • Custom made musician earplugs with variable sound attenuation
  • Custom made earplugs for noise protection, sleeping, and swimming

    Trained in the evaluation and non-medical rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders, we are
    committed to providing the latest advancements in technology and hearing health care.

    Our trained audiologists check for medically-related hearing problems by inspecting the eardrum with
    Otoscope and removing ear wax and conducting audiologic tests.

    We can assist you with your particular needs for:

  • Auditory services and hearing aids
  • Prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation
  • On-site product repairs
  • Custom, in-ear monitors for musicians
  • Custom earpieces for hands-free phone calls
  • Custom ear plugs for swimming and bathing

    Our audiology services promote independence, thereby improving the quality of life of our patients. Our
    commitment is to continuously improve the quality of our services.
Audoilogist Services

  • Any type of hearing loss will be treated, depending on the underlying cause of the condition.

  • “Love Hearing Services“ offers the latest and possible treatments for all types of hearing disorders,
    including Hearing Aids.Treatment depends on the cause and severity of your hearing loss.

  • Options include:

    Removing wax blockage
    Surgical procedures
    Hearing aids
    Cochlear implants

  • When hearing loss is not successfully treated, it becomes a constant source of frustration for those
    suffering the hearing loss and those trying to communicate with them.

  • Whether you’re already in the throes of hearing loss or are regularly exposed to environmental risk factors,
    your treatment begins with a hearing evaluation. From there, one of our board-certified audiologists can go
    over the treatment options available.

  • We provide Hearing Loss Prevention/Eradication/Rehabilitation. Getting treatment can improve your
    quality of life dramatically. People who use hearing aids report these benefits:

  • Closer relationships
  • Less depression
  • Improved outlook on life
  • Greater self-confidence

  • Our hearing and speech therapy includes hearing aid assessment, voice treatment, diagnostic
    hearing tests, aural rehabilitation, voice assessment articulation and language disorders.

  • Our qualified and skilled staff will observe the clients for the duration of their diagnostic sessions for
    speech pathology and auditory therapy and suggest necessary treatment.
Hearing Treatments

    What is a hearing aid?
    A hearing aid is a battery-operated electronic device that amplifies and changes sound for improved
    communication.The digital revolution has made a huge impact on the way hearing aids look and work.
    They can be so small that they are virtually invisible.

    Our hearing devices are state-of-the-art equipment. With many years of experience “Love Hearing
    Services” offers a wide variety of the latest digital hearing and exceptional customer service, we offer
    different types of Hearing Aids like:

  • Receiver In the Canal (RIC)
  • Behind The Ear (BTE)
  • In The Canal (ITC)
  • In The Ear (ITE)
  • Completely In the Canal (CIC)
  • Invisible in the canal (IIC) and Extended wear hearing aid (Lyric)

    Modern hearing aids are small and stylish and come in different varieties from invisible in-the-ear to
    behind-the-ear, to suit different types of hearing loss and every personality.

    We’ll explain your options to you – keeping in mind the best value for your specific needs and lifestyle.
    All of our hearing instruments are fitted, on a trial basis, to insure your complete satisfaction before

    Benefits of Hearing Aids:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Better Hearing in Noise
  • No more feedback
  • Open Ear canals
  • Programmed according to your specific needs

    Hearing aids eliminate interruptions and repetitions during conversations, can avoid dangerous situations
    in traffic and you can hear scintillating sounds of nature.

    Our professionals will recommend a suitable hearing aid for your specific needs and you often have a
    choice of your own. There are hearing aids available to suit all tastes,budgets and hearing aid colors to
    match any skin or hair.
Hearing Aid?