Julia Shih

    Dr. Julia Shih founded Professional Hearing Services in Pasadena, a service providing audiology for ENTs, in
    1984 after her fellowship year of training from Veterans Hospital. She subsequently joined Love Hearing
    Services in Pasadena, a clinic providing comprehensive audiologic services from newborns to geriatrics, as the
    Director of Audiology. Dr. Shih obtained her Doctor of Audiology degree from AT Still University of Arizona, School
    of Health Sciences. She holds a Masters Degree in Audiology from California State University, Los Angeles, and
    a Bachelors Degree from Pontificia Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has over 30 years of experience with
    all types of hearing loss and hearing technology solutions and has worked with patients of all ages. Her motto is
    to provide superior care and to consider the needs of her patients first and foremost, guaranteeing nothing less
    than excellent service.

    Julia has resided in and traveled to many countries since she was very young. These experiences have helped
    her to understand, adapt and relate to people of different nationalities, languages and cultures. She has also
    traveled to many underprivileged places, providing humanitarian and audiology services. Getting to know the
    people and their needs, and providing solutions for “better hearing” is her passion for life.
    Julia is also a trained musician, having graduated from Conservatorio Dramatico Musical de Sao Paulo, Brazil,
    with a degree in piano performance and pedagogy and voice. She is sought after by both classical and
    contemporary musicians, to provide audiology services for their hearing protection and conservation needs, such
    as on-stage in-ear monitors and musicians’ earplugs. She also specializes in assessment and therapy for
    tinnitus sufferers, to help them habituate to their bothersome ear and head noises.

    Julia has been recognized for her achievements and has received many awards. Most recently, she was thrilled
    to be selected by the American Academy of Audiology as the 2013 Audiologist for Project Amazon. She is very
    excited to be able to help the Brazilian people, because Brazil is near and dear to her heart. She promises she
    will strive to be the best Ambassador for Hearing for the AAA Foundation. She will embark on this amazing jungle
    adventure in November 2013.

    Nancy McCoy

    Dr. Nancy McCoy, Au.D., has been a clinical and teaching audiologist since 1983. She has worked in a variety of
    medical, clinical and academic settings. At Love Hearing Services she provides diagnostic and rehabilitative
    services for children and adults, including electrodiagnostic testing and newborn screening.

    Nancy was out of high school for ten years before getting serious about college. As she searched for an allied
    health profession, she found that Audiology was a good fit, because it blends her knowledge of equipment and
    technology with the rewards of working closely with people to solve hearing problems. She’s had the pleasure of
    working in many types of settings, including teaching college students. Her colleagues, students and patients
    have enriched her life in countless ways. And now, 30 years after receiving her master’s degree, she has
    completed her Doctor of Audiology degree.

    Audiology Degrees:
    Doctor of Audiology: A.T. Still University, AZ – 2012
    Master of Arts in Audiology: California State University, Northridge – 1982
    Bachelor of Arts in Communication Disorders: California State University, Northridge – 1981

    California State License in Audiology – 1983

    Professional Associations:
    American Academy of Audiology (AAA)

    Dion Svihovec

    Dr. Svihovec began his career working for the Veterans Administration, after graduating from USC with a Ph.D. in
    Audiology in 1973. He was responsible for the Hearing Loss Management and Tinnitus programs for the Greater
    Los Angeles VA Health Care System. He developed and taught group courses in hearing loss orientation and
    management, and he worked in this capacity until his retirement from the VA in April 2012. In 1988, he began
    working concurrently at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, providing hearing and balance testing, and
    he continues to provide hearing testing services part-time. Dr. Svihovec joined the staff of Love Hearing Services
    in 2003 to help develop the vestibular and balance testing clinic, and he continues to provide these evaluations.
    He has over 35 yrs of experience in testing and counseling patients with hearing loss and balance problems. Dr.
    Svihovec is a proud husband and father of five girls and he is an avid bicycler.
Our Professionals

Our staff is made up of highly trained and experienced clinicians. All of our audiologists have earned a Doctor of Audiology
Degree from an accredited university. They also hold California Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing licenses, and are
members of the American Academy of Audiology. Together our staff has over 120 years of experience that they bring to helping
you find the right solution for your communication needs.

All of our audiologists keep up on new products and testing procedures by attending many continuing education classes and
seminars every year. They also have advanced training in hearing aids.