“Love Hearing Services“ is a group of dedicated professionals, focused on helping their
    patients with their hearing and balance challenges. Services are provided for all ages.

    We are an independent audiology facility that is dedicated to providing quality,
    comprehensive care for all hearing healthcare needs. Services are available to any
    individual with a physician referral, insurance company referrals, workers comp
    referrals, or self referral.

    We provide comprehensive audiological evaluations for hearing, tinnitus and
    dizziness/balance problems in order to assist the physician in determining the
    pathology and origin of the disorder.

    We provide a vast range of assistive listening devices (television/theatre infrared
    systems, amplified telephones) as well as earplugs for musician’s, hunters, pilots,
    motorcyclists and other specialty fields requiring hearing conservation.
Your quality of life depends on your ability to communicate properly
Dr. Julia Shih

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